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Appiness starts with you.

Our Story

Located in the heart of Elsternwick, our clinic space is filled with Appiness. We offer a range of treatment modalities including Osteopathy, Myotherapy and Pilates.

Our mission is to bring a space for the local community to move and feel Appier. With our core focus on alignment, function and performance of your body, we help to get your body and mind in your Appy place.

"Bringing the H(ealth) to your Appy!"

What is Appy?

Appy is a state of being.

As our Appy family know, Appy is more than just a fun name. Appy encompasses all of what we are, just like the majestic elephant.

Elephants are amazing creatures. What we love about them is that they have some of the strongest family bonds on the planet. They are empathetic, fun loving, strong, balanced mammals. Just what we at Appy strive for everyday. 

What we want to create within our community is a space to create the best you. With the core values of strength, love and family in our care for you we believe that we can help you achieve your health goals and be a better you!

Watch Us Go

We love to stay connected as a community and share our common love of what we call appiness. Follow us on instagram @appymovement

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