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Our team is here to help you through you're health journey. Whether that be through manual medicine or movement we believe every person should have the holistic care they deserve. Our experienced team is passionate in getting you back doing what you love with confidence.

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More About Our Team


Lauren Wilson

Lauren believes a collaborative approach of treatment, education, pilates and/or rehabilitation is key in helping you move optimally and pain free. Her caring personality is evident in her approach to osteopathy, with her core focus being on the patient outcomes and maintaining optimal health and fitness. 


Lauren has a strong interest in the anatomical functionality of the body. In particular, her focus is directed toward how the body works as a unit and how it links to the quality of its overall function during any given activity or sport.

Lauren graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy.

Lauren is currently not taking any new patients.


Miles Lipman

As an osteopath, Miles values the unique needs of each patient and takes the time to understand the root cause of their pain. His treatment and management plans are specifically tailored to the patient’s individual goals and lifestyle. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to facilitate a prompt recovery from injury. 


Miles graduated from RMIT university obtaining a double degree in Health Science & Applied Science (Osteopathy) with distinction. Whilst at university, Miles worked as a sports trainer for Elwood City FC. His background as a sports trainer has given him extensive experience treating acute injuries and providing exercise rehabilitation.


Miles believes osteopathy can provide effective outcomes for a diverse demographic from elite athletes to the elderly. He utilises a range of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisation and muscle energy techniques. Additionally, he promotes patient education to achieve long-term health outcomes.


Lousie Norman

Louise is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner and has been in the health industry for over 15 years. Louise started working as a Myotherapist in 2007 and graduated Osteopathy at RMIT in 2015. In 2018 she completed her pilates teacher training and has been teaching pilates as well as working as an Osteopath ever since. 


She uses a variety of treatment modalities to help her patients reach their full health potential. She believes that each person is an individual and requires a unique treatment and management plan that is effective for them. She has a diverse range of techniques within the Osteopathy and Myotherapy fields that include; cupping, dry needling, manual lymphatic drainage & exercise prescription.

Louise has a strong interest in Women's health, pregnancy and children. Lousie's qualifications are as follows: B.HSci (Osteo)/ B.AppSci (Osteo), B.AppSci (Comp Med), Adv.Dip Remedial Massage (Myotherapy), Qualified Pilates Instructor, and Qualified Dr Vodder School Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioner.


Amelia Aldcroft

Amelia is a dedicated osteopath with a strong educational background. Graduating from Victoria University with both a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy), Amelia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clinic. As an enthusiastic and passionate professional, she enjoys treating a variety of sporting injuries and women's health concerns.


With additional training in clinical pilates and dry needling, Amelia offers a holistic approach to healing and pain management, incorporating a number of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue, joint mobilization, and manipulation techniques. She's also proud to collaborate closely with the St Kilda Football AFL and AFLW teams. Amelia enjoys helping clients get back to their best selves. 

Amelia has a broad range of techniques she uses in her treatments from direct to indirect, taping and dry needling. She believes the best approach is assessing the patient as a whole and then treating accordingly to provide the best results for you.


Shalini Rangathan

Shalini has worked hard towards achieving my own personal health goals and developed a passion for fitness in the process. In 2014, I completed my certification as a Personal Trainer, group/HIIT/circuit trainer and Pilates Instructor (Mat and Reformer Pilates). Subsequently, she has also undergone training in Boxing and as a Barre instructor.

Shalini believes everyone should be able to move their bodies, despite ailments and injuries, and her goal is to help and coach people to achieve their fitness potential and improve their lifestyle. As said by Shalini herself "It gives me immense satisfaction to see my coaching make a difference in someone’s life. I love making my classes energetic, challenging and fun, with a strong emphasis on technique and body alignment."


Shalini has learnt so much about fitness in the last few years, but is still amazed by the way muscles connect in the body, how they work together and how an irregularity in any single part of the body can affect the whole body! Which is why Appy Movement is such a great place to work with the smaller group style class.

Come and join Shalini for some fun classes and a good laugh!!

Kirsty Neslon

Kirsty has a strong background in anatomy knowledge and trained in several modalities including Mat + Reformer Pilates, Yoga + Meditation, PT and Barre. As a highly experienced instructor of 15+ years  she brings this knowledge together with a friendly and playful approach to mindfully strengthen the mind + body with a strong connection to the breath. 


She likes to focus on alignment with attention to detail to really get the most out of your class and to really feel that burn! She uses a gentle, encouraging and supportive approach to teaching that really empowers students to be the best they can. Kirsty really loves what she does and you can see her passion and warm energy come through in each and every class. 

Kirsty can not wait to help your reach your goals in studio at Appy Movement.

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