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R U OK? Day.

Another trip around the sun and us in Melbourne again in lockdown along with other parts of the country. What does that mean for our smaller and wider community to Appy Movement? As an osteopath I often chat about the mind body connection to my patients and about 99% of the time my patients can relate. Main example is feeling stressed and run down with work which is influencing shoulder and neck tension therefore causing headaches or lack of sleep. So what has this pandemic meant for our bodies and how do we find the tools to help both our mind and body at the same time?

My hot tips for helping to manage posture through lifestyle influences.

  1. Sleep - getting the appropriate amount of sleep to fuel your body and mind. Easy. Switch off the TV and phone. Read a chapter of a book and rest the mind.

  2. Breaks from the desk and work - I know this one is easier said than done at times but it can be as simple as getting away from your computer for 2 minutes to fill up a glass of water or stand up and take 5 deep breaths in. Refresh and reset. We have a lot of great short videos of our instagram @appymovement that can be fantastic for this time.

  3. Chatting to friends - R U OK day is one of my favourite campaigns for mental health because it is simple, checking in on someone or reaching out to someone yourself for a chat can make a world of difference for out mental health. Especially in times like these. A conversation can change a life.

R U OK? Day has so many great tools on their website So let's make sure we are looking after each other with our bodies and minds. Mental health illness can put a lot of pressure on our physical bodies and our team at Appy Movement are here to help and give advice on some physical ways to help take the load off or point you in a direction of help with other allied health professionals.

Join the movement with Appy Movement and check in with someone today and follow the simple steps that could change a life; 1. Ask 2. Listen 3. Encourage Action 4. Check In.

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